Monday, March 30, 2015

The Dark Half...Stephen King

This book is about an author Thad Beaumont who is a recovering alcoholic and husband. He writes these very dark stories under an alias George Stark. Then this "George Stark" comes to life and starts killing people. It's a really good read. Come to find out the author actually has a twin in utero whom he absorbed and was removed from him as a child. So now he deals with massive headaches and the people that know about it begin to wonder if it's his headaches that are causing his split personality or if that twin still has a hold on him somehow. It's amazing the details put into the story such as that when Thad is taken over by Stark mentally he leaves notes and even has completely different handwriting. The notes explain to Thad what Stark does while he's in control. Even watching his family. They seem to be able to have a bond as twin's sometimes are thought to. Including feeling each other's pain and at times reading each other's mind. By the end of the book Thad's wife is having serious doubts about the future of their marriage and is especially worried about the fact that Thad seems to like this other half...this "dark half" of himself.

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