Monday, March 23, 2015

John Grisham's Gray Mountain

So I know this isn't a short story either but I love John Grisham. I just started reading Gray Mountain.
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It's really good so far (as are the other novels I've read by him). It's centered around a lawyer who was laid-off from her job at some big time Wall Street Law Firm in Manhattan. Then the recession hits and the firm downsizes and she gets furloughed and escorted out of the building. She has to choose one out of a list of places (provided to her) to intern for x amount of time as part of the furlough. She decides to take one in some podunk town in Virginia right smack in the middle of Appalachia. So she's getting a taste of "real people" with "real problems" as she put it. So far that's where I am in the story and it's pretty good. If you've never read as John Grisham novel and like to read you should definitely check out one of his books.

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