Friday, July 3, 2015

Daughters of the Sea Series by Kristen Day....I'm OBSESSED!!!

Get it for free on Kindle Amazon here!!!
Okay so out of curiosity and because I wanted to get back into reading more series I downloaded the Amazon Kindle app on my phone and tablet. I searched for free books and found a wonderful book Forsaken. The first of a series called Daughters of the Sea written by Kristen Day. I'd never heard of this author nor this series before but still decided to give it a try and I am VERY glad I did. I'm now obsessed.

The story centers around a teenager, Hannah, who was adopted by a family after being left on the steps of a police station as a baby and moved around "the system" her entire childhood. She experiences strange dreams and other incidents that leave her feeling completely confused and out of place. She also happens to be the direct descendant of a water Goddess but she doesn't know it...yet. She starts having fainting spells in which she would have these dream like experiences that seemed all too real. Finally her adopted mom decides it's time to take action and again, and takes her to a therapist who happens to be the door to her amazing, brand new, magical, unbelievable life. The complete series includes a total of 5 books that take you through the journey of Hannah (Anastasia as she decides to go by) as she learns where she came from and where she truly belongs and what she's meant to do.

It's funny because I've never been into Greek mythology until after reading this series and now seeing how much influence on our lives it has I'm hooked. For instance how our Achilles' heel is called that because of what happened to the Greek God Achilles. Or how the "world atlas" corresponds with the 'curse' put on the Greek God Atlas to hold up the world. It's crazy. My thought is something fake couldn't have such an establishing impact on an entire species. But that's another conversation for another post. :-)

I hope if you are looking for something new and awesome to read that you check this one out.

Happy reading!!